Pits 4 tyres company based in london and being providing brand new or used tyres for all vehicles cars,vans and lorries throughout the country as well as europe.

selling brand new or budget or second hand best condition tyres such as 4 mm to 6mm s and no cuts no bulges no scratches on side wall.

because of that we offering you continuous business ability which is your customers are always satisfied and they want to comeback to you always.

because of our company policy we can assure that you will always be securing your business it is because we have many opportunities to support your business.

Although that we have started recently supplying quality tyres ,we have experience of driving years and keeping the car well maintained that’s why we have confident in what we doing because we know how to keep the cars maintenance.

Keeping your car well maintained can be massive task.

But if you work with professional’s who knows everything what to do exactly you can save yourself from massive headache.

We have dedicated team in our company who is always watching new legislations and rules in order to serve you better without a mistake to ensure the life flowing without issues.

in order to stay legal while you driving your car you must follow strict rules about maintenance of your vehicle.

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