Tips for Drivers

Stay legal by buying the right type of tyres for a car. Our experts are available 24/7 for your assistance.

When you are about to buy second hand tyre what should you be looking for?

We have pointed out some tips for you that can assure a safe and comfortable journey.

  1. The tyre should be crack-free with no cuts and no bulges.
  2. Tyres must meet the legal requirements i.e. the tread depth should be at least 4mm or more.
  3. It should be cost-effective.
  4. Tyre can last for a certain time depending on how is your driving. Avoiding harsh acceleration and harsh braking can make the tyre last longer.
  5. Make sure you are always aware of your surroundings and always plan ahead of your road to gain safer driving skills.
  6. By defensive driving, you would achieve the safest driving skills and it is a safe environment for yourself as well as for others.
  7. When you are driving in difficult weather or road conditions such as; mud on the road or wet leaves, it can cause you to lose or lessen tyre’s grip on the road, and because of that, you can lose control of the car. In this scenario, you should cut the gas and apply the brake gently. This will help you to regain control of the car.

If you would brake harshly and steer suddenly that would result in losing control of the car and may end up with undesirable incidents. That’s why you should always drive considerate and positive.

What should you be Looking for when Choosing a Tyre?

  1. Quality of Rubber

When you are going to buy a brand new or second hand tyre, one of the most important things is; at what grade is the tyre manufactured. The high grade rubber tyres tend to last longer it is not going to wear quickly and when they are making your tyre by this high-grade rubber, the cost of tyre would be expectedly higher and would reflect the price. But the quality brand new or part worn tyre will always give you numbers of benefits; such as they last longer and shorter braking distance which will help you avoid collisions and they are fuel-efficient which is going to help you save money on fuel as well as helps to the environment to reduce the air pollution.

When you choose tyre that is not manufactured with high-quality materials they tend to wear quickly and they can’t give you safe stopping distances and may increase your fuel bill and as a result, will increase air pollution.

  1. Engineering of Tyre

Well-engineered tyre will help you to maintain control of the car undoubtedly. Design of the tyre is another factor of safety whereas the outer surface is the one that helps you to have better grip so, therefore as a consumer make some research about reviews and manufacturing standards of the tyre to get best tyres for your vehicle’s and be able to drive safely.

Pits4Tyres focuses on providing the least worn tyres with safety measures to save you from accidents and spending lots of money. Our second hand tyres are always in the best condition as they can be.

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